Alternative Treatment To Common Illnesses

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Today we live in a very twisted world. The modern man and woman work so hard that they often neglect their own bodies, their own health and even the health of their families including young children in an effort to make enough money and therefore save enough money to be able to one day pay for medical bills in case they fall sick. In other words, they make themselves and their precious children sick because they are too busy working to collect money to be able to pay for the illnesses they bring on themselves. Some examples of this are most full time workers neglecting their meals and their diets because they are too busy rushing from one meeting to another often subsisting on chemical laced processed fast food such as that available at McDonalds and Kentucky fried chicken. 

The consumer world and medicine

Although some doctors may warn their patients against consuming meat, dairy, processed food and other dangerous substances, it is a very rare occurrence. It does make one wonder why such a well-known fact about meat, dairy and processed food is not being stressed further by doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. A visit to an ayurveda clinic, a Chinese medicine clinic or another clinic that practices traditional medication, treatments that have been in use for over two thousand years will tell you in detail the benefits of a plant based whole foods diet and warn you of the dangers of a processed meat diet.

The sad reality is however, that a doctors business is to treat sick people while the pharmaceutical industry subsists on making millions of people who are very sick. Therefore most doctors will keep their knowledge of meat, dairy and processed food consumption to them. A Chinese medicine clinic or a Ayurveda clinic can tell you in detail what medicinal foods that are available in our supermarkets and are at our finger tips that can make us healthier, stronger and can be even eaten raw in order to help us live healthier lives.

In truth you will find that most of the therapies used in traditional medicine that truly does work consists of every day food that we eat, or we could eat. One example is the use of bitter gourd to reduce diabetes or blood sugar. While we can actually eat bitter gourd with our everyday meals, these traditional medications for blood sugar include capsules filled with dried bitter gourd. What most people don’t realize is that making a healthy meal at home does not require as much time as they think.