Footwear Tips For The Cold Weather

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Winter might be nearing or it might already be there where you live so you might be finding ways of dealing with the cold weather. Wearing warm clothes and staying indoors can avoid many skin issues that you can develop but if you have a job or you have activities to take part in staying indoors won’t work well for you! Here are some tips on how you can protect your feet during the cold weather:

Always wear sturdy, thick shoes

You must make it a point to wear sturdy shoes or boots which are a great way of protecting your feet.  You can choose nice breathable styles which are waterproof and if it snows your skin will be protected even in subzero temperatures. You must make sure that the back of your car contains gloves, hooded sweat shirts or even an old pair of boots too. Several podiatrist at Moonee Ponds, Werribee, Bayside can aid you with any pain you might face on your foot area.

Layering is crucial

You must try your best to layer your feet with socks which will keep the area warm for you. Layering is a good thing as you can avoid developing sweat on your foot area. Keep in mind not to layer too much else you might end up over heating your feet too. If you are wearing any wet or damp socks you will end up making your feet a lot colder than it is too.

Wear boots at home

You must try your best to wear boots or shoes at home too. You might have to shovel snow and you might end up kicking the boot to the garage when you are done with the snow. This is not a good idea as your feet might end up freezing again especially if the temperature might have dropped as a result the temperature on your feet would too. It’s best to wear some cozy thick socks or padded sandals indoors once you take off your heavy, thick shoes too.

Be well aware

You must be aware of your feet and be conscience of them at all times. Your feet might be exposed to the cold and you might realize that you have frostbite only after a while too which  might be difficult for you to treat later on so always make sure that you are aware as to where you are and how the temperature is like. Try some foot clinic if you face severe frost bite bruises.

Picking the right footwear for the cold weather might not be easy for you so get some help from a friend or elder!