Greenhill Aged Care Is Leading The Way Of Providing Best Aged Care Facilities To Seniors For Their Well Being And Long Age

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Greenhill Aged care is home for old aged people each with different needs. Green hill has formulated the plan for its residents, mentioning the strategies of personalized care for old people. This plan will outline all the points explaining about the aged care facilities in wollongong that are required and the pathway that how they will receive that care. The care can be maintained by a program having diverse events and this will assist you to get awareness about your fellow residents and help you to feel at home.

We ensure the provision of some high quality aged care facilities:

Greenhill private residentials rooms are treated with care, respect and full dignity. Greenhill Aged care has a setup to provide clinical care with special nurses’ team whose job is to provide all aged care facilities with respect and sympathy. Our nurse staff are hired to give care and maintain your health and give you freedom by supporting in mobility and individual grooming. Nurses staff provide assistance 7 days by giving medicines on time, managing self-control, changing dressings of wounds, checking blood pressure and maintaining care.

Bringing pleasure and happiness in the life of our residents is our foremost priority. Therefore, we are having a preplanned schedule of the different activities that will help to make new good friends and make them active and energetic. The activities include exercise sessions, cooking, learning arts, gardening, outings via bus and going to concerts. Other aged care facilities programs we have, include short term test care which will help understand the future residents to experience life inside Green Hill Aged Care. This will help them to decide whether they want to live un Aged home or not.  Our respite care residents are free to enjoy all their activities in inside and outside Green hill.

Some other programs that Green Hill has started are palliative care services under which special care has been given to residentials have obsolete and fatal illness.Under this care initiative, care and support must be given to the family of patient. Nurses are appointed to give all the care needed by the person. To deal with dementia another setup has been built by Greenhill Aged care as dealing with it is essential. It is linked with lower mental health, decline of mental health can be sudden or gradual. This disease affects one out of four people in old age, difference can be made if the friends and family take great care of them. We are having a team of specials to deal with memory related disease of our residents. Our well trained and specialist nurses help dementia patients to bring excellence in their life with care and help them to develop confidence and self-worth and.

Other facilities for dementia care in wollongong are creation of special memory care unit for residents. Greenhill lodge has the means to dementia friendly atmosphere to upgrade living. In this lodge, special bed with memory care has been introduced. Toilets is made up of contrast color tiles and is having night lights inside it. Residents can be moved out of the lodge after the permission and diagnosis of doctor. We provide best old aged care facilities, old aged residents can come and visit our place asoutstanding care and attention will be enjoyed by residents in Greenhill aged care.