Comparison Between A Gynaecologist And An Obstetrician

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We know that medicine is the way of diagnosing and treating the particular health conditions of living beings. We will only be discussing about the medicine related to the human body; human body is composed of extremely complicated network and systems. There are about eleven human body systems which are digestive system, reproductive system, endocrine system, skeletal system and so on. Obviously, an individual cannot specialise in all parts of the body so he specialises in few parts of the body. Doctors or we might say specialists in particular are further categorised on the basis of different body parts on which they have specialised in. For instance, a cardiologist is the specialist who has specialised in heart related medical conditions. Then neurologist is the specialised doctor who can treat the problems related to the nervous system of human body. Similarly, there is orthopaedics, dermatologists and many more such specialists. Gynaecologist and obstetrician are two such kinds of specialists. In the following article, we will be comparing the gynaecologist and an obstetrician.


A gynaecologist is the specialised doctor who has specialised in diagnosing and treating the medical conditions related to the reproductive system of a female. There are lot of medical conditions that are associated with the reproductive systems of females. Basically, the word “Gyane” has evolved from a Greek word which means women so it deals with the women related diseases. A gynaecologist not only diagnoses the disease and prescribe the suitable medication but can also operate the particular part if needed. Various women health conditions like heavy periods, endometriosis, hysterectomy and many other such conditions are treated by the gynaecologists.


An obstetrician is the medical specialist who has specialised in dealing with the fertility systems of females. They deal with the pregnancy related issues, child birth, deliveries, the causes of infertility and other related medical conditions. Obstetrics can be categorised as the branch of gynaecology as gynaecology in Port Macquarie covers all of the medical conditions related to the reproductive system but obstetric deals only with the fertility and infertility of women. However, there is not much to differentiate between the two because both branches of medicine are inter-relatable which is why a specialist in gynaecology also specialises in obstetrics. A gynaecologist alone cannot deliver a baby unless he or she has specialised in obstetrics as well.


Gynaecologist is the specialised doctor who specialises in dealing with the reproductive systems of female human body. They deal with all kinds of medical conditions related with the reproductive system of females varying from the menstruation problems to the pain in pelvic region and from endometriosis to the removal of uterus. An obstetrician also deals with the female related issues but this issue are confined to the fertility and infertility conditions. The branch of obstetrics can be categorised under the heading of gynaecology. “DR Aaron Budden” is extremely professional gynaecologist plus an obstetrician. He is the specialist of laparoscopic surgery as well.