Understanding Reflexology: Applying Pressure On The Feet

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There are many types of chiropractic treatment techniques available in the alternative medicine market today. The job of a chiropractor is to relieve pain and stiffness through various non-invasive techniques of muscle manipulation. It has been a fringe market for a long time, but today the profession is slowly growing into a mainstream medical field.

One of the most common chiropractic techniques is reflexology. This is a bodywork technique whose main focus is on the feet. Experts believe that the muscles and tissue of the feet are connected to various parts of the body. These parts of the feet are called reflex areas. For instance, toe tips are said to correspond to head. Targeting the ball of the foot connects to the heart and the lungs, while the arch focuses on the liver, kidney and the pancreas. The heel is thought to target the intestines and the lower back.

Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham is considered one of the pioneers of the modern uses of these techniques. While the basics have always been common knowledge, it is she who integrated it into the modern accepted practice. However, William Fitzgerald is one of the first doctors to introduce it into the mainstream physiotherapy realm. He called it zone therapy, and started in 1915, slowly developing it through 15 years. Scientifically, the explanation is that the pressure applied to the feet balances the nervous system, and releases chemicals like endorphins which are known to reduce stress and pain.

Unlike the soft touches of a myotherapy clinic, this technique should be very relaxing. If there is any pain involved, or any discomfort then it is best to tell the reflexologist about it, and if possible consult a doctor. Do not be afraid to speak out since the reflexologist should always work within their patient’s comfort zones. When dealing with sore areas, the reflexologist always spends more time on the specific area. While sore areas will result in some discomfort, this should reduce with time and the continued application of pressure. Ticklish people should not worry; the pressure applied is firm and strong.

One might be tempted to think it similar to foot massage. Foot massage is similar to the typical Swedish massage. This is one of the general massage services in Moonee Ponds, and uses various oils and lotions in the application of pressure in long strokes throughout the foot. The job of a reflexologist is different, and while the results are just as relaxing, the process is much more specific.

It deals with many conditions, from stress related conditions to muscle tension and digestive disorders. It also helps reduce the effects and symptoms of arthritis, back pains, insomnia, hormonal imbalance and sports injuries. It is also widely used for post operative care. Surveys show that up to thirty per cent of cancer patients used this technique as a complementary therapy technique. Lelux Thai Massage provide massage services for relaxation and therapy services. 

A typical session lasts about between 45 and 60 minutes, and begins with a consultation about the lifestyle of the patient. The patient should sit comfortably in a recliner chair during the session. Before they start, the reflexologist stimulates various points of the foot to find out the tense and tight areas.