Simple Things That Affect Your Weight Without You Even Realizing It

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A few things that we over look, in regards to losing weight…

  • Insufficient night time sleep – yes, we perfectly understand that more often than not, 24 hours per day is nearly not enough to get all your work done. And even though we know all about the scientific discoveries that show us clearly how important sleep is for us, we still give it the least priority. But did you know that not getting enough night time sleep can actually result in you putting on weight and feeling “Bloated”? If you are following your gut health diet plan to the dot, but still not getting results that you desire, there’s quite a possibility that it might be due to your poor sleeping habits.
    • Eating the wrong things in your diet – so you are following the best fast weight loss program that your friend recommended. You don’t exactly have a diet plan, but your having the quantities that were recommended to you. However, exactly what you need to eat and how much you need to eat depends entirely on your body. Likewise, even if you’re working out, not having the right kind of food can slow down your progress.
      • The wrong kinds of exercises – what is your body? To lose weight? To put on muscles? Did you know that not all exercises are suitable for every type of body goal? If you are new to exercising, and don’t exactly know the before and after, and what sort of exercises to follow to meet your goals, then we strongly suggest you join a gym that offers you a personal trainer. Being guided might be a little expensive, but at least you are not stumbling in the dark, making many costly mistakes.
        • The size of your plate – you already know that the portioning your food is a great idea to help you lose weight. But what about your plate size? Does it matter? For sure! If you serve a small portion of food in a large plate, you will definitely feel hungry faster; because you feel like you’re eating less. But the same quantity served in a smaller plate, you’ll suddenly find yourself feeling full.
          • The place you eat from – eat from a place where you can give your food the attention it deserves. Put down your smart phone and turn off the television while you eat. sure, it helps to keep you entertained. But not concentrating on the food will make you feel like you are not eating enough. This inevitably will make you eat more without even realizing; and affect your weight in a definite way…