How To Solve Teeth Gap

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A gap between the two front tooth is usually a result of either sucking fingers, a dental disease or improper swallowing. And so, while some might consider it a fashion and be proud of it, others just may want to get rid of it and solve it once and for all. So here are some such options for them.

Using teeth gap bands

This is basically the ideal one to use when the gap between the two teeth is small and less than 3.5mm. It is also the perfect alternative that is less painful when compared with wearing braces. And according to the dentists these bands are sure to give you the desired results within two weeks or six months. All you need to do is put one of these on before going to bed and let it work its magic! However, if you are using this band it should only be the front two teeth with a gap while the others are perfectly straight. This makes sure that the other teeth don’t suffer as a result of such a gap band.

Fixing crowns

This is a type of porcelain shell designed to fit over your tooth to cover up that gap and fix other functionality and cosmetic issues as well. And so, teeth that have decayed, broken or cracked could be easily solved by these. There is also another porcelain shell known as veneers Sydney which are used for the mere purpose of only covering up the gap between the two teeth. And it is done so with the use of dental bonding to make sure that a uniform look is created. However, the difference here is that, these cannot solve missing tooth issues like crowns can.

Wearing braces

The next best alternative for teeth with larger gaps than the above is wearing braces. It makes sure that not only are the teeth gaps eliminated but also that they are aligned as well. However, the issue is that it is costly and painful. And so according to this method, by wearing braces pressure is being applied to the teeth over a period of time thus readjusting the bone structure as well. In time you’ll be owning the perfect teeth for a perfect smile!

Getting implants

Getting dental implants is ideal for those who have full tooth gaps, or have lost their teeth due to some reason. What happens here is that fake teeth are attached surgically in to the gum or bones to give the impression of there actually being a teeth in the first place. Although they do have a 98% success rate, they aren’t as strong as your usual teeth. And of course you also need to note that this is the most costly dental procedure ever! However it is also the most long lasting one as well. So take the above options in to account and select the ideal one that matches your gap issue!