Factors Affecting Meter Readings

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Every time you use a glucose meter at home, it may not give you the exact and accurate reading. The quality and efficiency of your meter and test strips is the key reason for inaccuracy, but there are many other different factors that affect the meter reading. Here are some of them to help you be aware so that next time you do your glucose test, you will focus on these factors.

1. Know how to use your meter

You may be using a glucose meter for the first time. Or you may have purchased an advanced meter. No matter what, it is essential that you know the technique of using the meter. If not, it is pretty straight forward that you would not get accurate results. Read the instructions that are given along with the meter or if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer through customer care hotlines. You can also show it to your doctor and get necessary advice.

2. Cleanliness

Having your hands clean before doing your blood test is very important. Food, drink, lotion or any other substance that could be on your hands may disrupt the reading. Wash hands thoroughly and dry before every test to get most accurate results. If you are using alcohol to clean your hands, make sure it dries very well before your test.

3. Environment

The environment you reside in may also affect the results. Altitude, humidity, weather conditions, room temperature etc. can cause misreadings. Hence make sure to read instructions given with the meter as it will tell you how to use it in these types of environments.

4. Incompatible test strips

With the high prices of test strips, people tend to buy third party or generic test strips. These may not match your meter which will lead to errors in readings. Make sure to purchase the glucose best strips that are compatible with your meter.

5. Changes in meters and strips

With the ever advancing technology, glucose meter manufacturing companies upgrade their meters and test strips. These special features may not contain in third party or generic test strips. Also when you have bought the best products from the best manufacturer, they will come right to your home and replace the existing meters with their new and improved products. Hence it is reminded that you should buy the best glucose meters and glucose best strips.

These factors should carefully be taken into account when doing your next glucose test to obtain the ultimate results from your glucose meter.